6“Susannah Graven has become a very important and beneficial part of our business.  We have had massage therapists coming to our office and performing chair massages for several years now, and when our last LMT left the area we were very fortunate to get Susannah to replace him.  She quickly made herself indispensable,  and has befriended our entire staff.  Susannah comes by once each week and is able to bring relief and relaxation to everyone she treats.  Many employees have commented how these weekly treatments have improved their overall health and physical well-being, especially with ailments related to working in an office with computers every day.  She is very accommodating and easy to work with, gets along with everyone well, and is a true benefit to our operation and staff.  Few employee benefits we have offered over the years has the ROI that Susannah creates!” 

-Brian Watkins


“Susannah treats the “whole person”.  Her healing hands have helped me with swollen ankles, aching shoulders and neck pain.  I value her expertise as a massage therapist.  But, her warm and loving personality make coming for a bi-weekly massage a delightful experience.”

– Kate H.


“I love getting massages from Susannah.  I have been her client for over 10 years & plan on another 10 years, as they are fantastic!  An example of how relaxed I was after my Susannah massage:  I put my collared shirt on backwards & inside out & continued with my errands for several hours without noticing!”

– Donalyn Cambas


8“I met Susannah several years before I got brave and decided to try a massage in So Oregon.  With only limited experience, I was not sure what to expect…Susannah far exceeded my expectations that day!

Susannah has since become a trusted friend and admired professional.  Three years ago I had bilateral knee replacement surgery.  My recovery was aided greatly by Susannah’s gentle attention to my legs that were in such need.  I am a regular in Susannah’s office and always look forward to spending time being pampered and revitalized.  Thank you sharing your wonderful gift.”

– Kathy Begley


“I have been fortunate to have received massages from Susannah for the last several years.  She is professional, very knowledgeable and extremely gifted in the art of massage therapy.  I have always left her table in much better shape and frame of mind than when I arrived.  She is a master of pain relief and healing.  I can refer and recommend Susannah with confidence every time.”

– Joanne H.


“Susannah is incredible. Have been a client for years.  Highly recommend her.”

 – Roy Robertson