Corporate Massage

lobbyMassage Therapy can raise productivity, and minimize errors on the job. Do what Fortune 500 companies all around America are doing: Bring massage therapy to the workplace. What are some of the many reasons for using Susannah Graven at your company?

• Increase Productivity
• Reduce Stress
• Improve Employee Morale
• Improve Concentration
• Strengthen Immune System
• Reduce Sick Days
• Minimize Anxiety and Depression
• Decrease Repetitive Stress Symptoms
• Provide Employee Incentives

Susannah can travel to your place of business and bring a sense of wellness to your work place. She can handle your next staff meeting, then scale up to larger events, such as conferences and seminars. Whether you are looking to improve health and wellness or to express your sincere appreciation to those who have positively impacted your business sphere, there are countless reasons to use massage. She also offers on-site services at conventions, tradeshows and other events. Call Susannah today to get more information or to schedule your next event!

“Susannah Graven has become a very important and beneficial part of our business.  We have had massage therapists coming to our office and performing chair massages for several years now, and when our last LMT left the area we were very fortunate to get Susannah to replace him.  She quickly made herself indispensable,  and has befriended our entire staff.  Susannah comes by once each week and is able to bring relief and relaxation to everyone she treats.  Many employees have commented how these weekly treatments have improved their overall health and physical well-being, especially with ailments related to working in an office with computers every day.  She is very accommodating and easy to work with, gets along with everyone well, and is a true benefit to our operation and staff.  Few employee benefits we have offered over the years has the ROI that Susannah creates!” 

-Brian Watkins